Community Channels

We have 16 different themed channels that you can explore. You can find them at the top of the “Explore” page:

You can learn more about each of them below:

Weekly - every week you will see a new channel with some cool projects created by Hopscotchers.

Featured - these projects are chosen by the Hopscotch Team because they are especially fun, interesting, funny, or beautiful. Sometimes, a project might be encouraging something that we value, or it might just make us smile! We try to feature projects made by a range of Hopscotchers.

Curated - here you will find all the projects from all other channels that have been recently chosen by our curators.

Announcements - all official messages that come from the Hopscotch Team live here.

Following - here you will see the projects created by the kids that you follow.

Remixes of my projects - if someone remixed your project, you will see their remix here.

Action -Games where you need to fight with enemies and use a character of your choice to jump into the action. 

Animation - Projects that are moving or telling a story, but don’t require a player’s action. 

Art - any art projects (pixel, trail, or hand-drawn) created in Hopscotch.

Build - Projects where you have to make or construct a totally new object.

Education - Projects that explain science, math, history, and every school subject in-between! 

Ideas - cool prototypes or ideas that you can bring to life in Hopscotch.

Music - code your own music on Hopscotch!

Puzzles - Projects that include mathematical or text puzzles and riddles.

Random - All other types of projects that can’t fit into the other categories.

Simulation - Projects that simulate real life (eg. babysitting simulator, cooking) or technology, (eg. calculators, websites, computers). These projects can also show 3D objects and environments. 

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