How to create a Home User account

Here’s how you can create a Home User account: 

1) Download the app to your iPad or iPhone:

2) Open the app.

3) Press the green button "Get started."

4) If you are on an iPhone, please ask your parents to choose the option "I'm a parent." Enter your birth year, then choose “Try FREE for a week.”

If you are on an iPad, just choose “Try FREE for a week.”

5) Please ask your parents to follow the Apple instructions that will appear on your screen.

A note: The free trial lasts seven days. If you like the app (and we think you will!), there’s no need to take further action - you’ll be subscribed after your free trial is complete and pay in either monthly or yearly installments based on which subscription you signed up for.

Otherwise, you can cancel anytime during the free trial and you won’t be charged (just make sure to cancel 24 hours before the end of the trial). You will still be able to continue using the free version of Hopscotch, but you’ll lose access to premium features like the ability to draw your own objects and upload photos into your projects.

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