What is the Hopscotch premium version?

In the premium version of Hopscotch, you can get access to exclusive features:

  • Let your imagination run wild.
    • Get unlimited drafts and published projects.
  • Create a game that's completely unique.
    • Draw your favorite pet or friend, then bring them to life as characters in your games or add custom images to create cool backgrounds.
  • Create your own versions of PokemonGo, Subway Surfers, and more.
    • Get access to dozens of subscriber-only videos with 60+ hours of self-paced coding tutorials.
  • Express your personality with your favorite meme or spirit animal.
    • Customize your profile avatar with a photo or drawing.
  • Test the newest Hopscotch features using its beta version.
  • Create more advanced, multi-level games with the “Scenes” feature.

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