Features Included in Hopscotch Pro

Here is a list of features exclusive to Hopscotch Pro accounts:

  • Seed Allowance:
    • Users receive a one-time sign-up bonus of 5 seeds and one seed allowance per day.
  • Custom Art features are free to our classic subscriptions. For any subscriptions made after September 2021, Custom Art will cost 50 seeds per project.
  • Advanced Coding Mode: these are the advanced coding features in Hopscotch. You may turn on/off the Advanced Mode by tapping on the gear button on the top right corner of the screen and selecting the desired option.
    • Whens Blocks
      • When Touch Ends
      • When is Not Touching
    • Music features in the "Looks & Sounds" section
      • Set Tempo
      • Set Instrument
        • Exclusive instruments include: Piano, Vibraphone, Guitar, Cello, Ocarina, Choir, and 8-bit
      • Play Note
        • Notes include 3 octaves, from C2 to C5
      • Set Tempo
    • Features in "Objects" (variable) section
      • Instrument
      • Text
      • Tempo
    • User Variables
      • Username
      • Time
      • Month
      • Day
      • Year
      • Hour
      • Minute
      • Second

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