Community Channels

We have different themed channels that you can explore. You can find them at the top of the “Explore” page:

You can learn more about each of them below:

Masterpieces Channel

  • Masterpieces - these are a selection of game-changing and innovative projects that have revolutionized the way Hopscotchers do things, or have done something that hasn't been done before. This channel is manually curated by the Hopscotch Team and curators.

Challenge Channels

There are temporary channels that are created depending on the challenges set by the Hopscotch Team. Check your notifications and the Announcement channel for the latest challenges. You can enter your projects into the challenge channels by including the channel's name (with the hash) in the title of your project. (Make sure that all the letters in your hashtag are in lowercase.)

For example, if there is a challenge called #hopnet, you can publish your project to that channel, by including  #hopnet somewhere in the title of your project. 

Top Games Channel

  • Top Games - here are projects specially developed by Hopscotchers in the Seed Developer program. These projects have extra features and content that you can unlock with seeds. Read more about the Seed Developer program on our blog.

Automated Channels

The following channels have feeds that are automatically generated, depending on their relevance to you, or on their activity:

  • Following - here you will see the projects created by the kids that you follow. Read more about following here.
  • Remixes of my projects - if someone remixed your project, you will see their remix here. Read more about remixing here.
  • Top Gardens - Hopscotchers who have received the most plants over the past week.
  • Most Planted - these projects have received the most plants over the past week.

Curated Channels

These channels highlight interesting and fun projects, manually chosen by the Hopscotch Team and curators. You can read more about the process of curation, on the forum.

  • Excellent - these projects are chosen by the Hopscotch Team because they are especially fun, interesting, funny, or beautiful. Sometimes, a project might be encouraging something that we value, or it might just make us smile! We try to feature projects made by a range of Hopscotchers.
  • Rising - these are interesting projects that might be created by newer or less experienced Hopscotchers, to encourage them to keep on Hopscotching and developing their coding skills

Hashtag Channels

You can publish your project in these channels by including the channel's name (with the hash) in the title of your project. Make sure that all the letters in your hashtag are in lowercase. Learn more about hashtag channels here:

For example, if you would like to publish your project into the #games channel, you can include #games somewhere in the title of your project. You can include multiple hashtags in the title of your project, if your project fits in multiple areas, and your project will appear in each of those channels.

  • #games - Projects that are interactive game experiences (platformers, arcade games, action games, puzzle games, etc.)
  • #story - Projects that are centred around narrative or tell a story (animations, choose your own adventure, etc.)
  • #simulation - Projects that simulate real life (eg. babysitting simulator, cooking) or technology, (eg. calculators, websites, computers). These projects can also show 3D objects and environments. 
  • #art - any art projects (pixel, trail, or hand-drawn) created in Hopscotch.
  • #debugme - Get help with any code that you're stuck on. Add your projects here, with a brief explanation of your bug in a textbox, and someone can remix your project to help you debug.
  • #music - code your own music on Hopscotch!

For more information, you can also read the forum announcement on hashtag channels.

Other Channels

  • Newest - the latest projects published to the community.
  • Learn Hopscotch - These are fun challenges made by the Hopscotch Team. Each project will give you steps on what to do. They’re designed to help you get to grips with the basics!
  • Camp Courtesy - Camp Courtesy is an initiative organised by the forum leaders, on improving skills in the areas of Kindness, Internet Etiquette, Communication and Safety. This is a channel for the Camp Courtesy Challenge on Hopscotch.

    You can read more about Camp Courtesy on the forum.

  • Announcements - all official messages that come from the Hopscotch Team live here, including projects showcasing new features, notices on the app, and the latest challenges.

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