What I can teach with Hopscotch?

There are a few paths that you can choose to start teaching with Hopscotch.

  1. You can start with the first section in Templates called “A bite-sized intro to coding.” 

It contains 3 simple introductory videos (5 min, 9 min, and 8 min) that will help your students get used to Hopscotch and build their first projects. Teachers have told us that these 3 tutorials make a great first class featuring Hopscotch, and (including set up) can fill a 45 minute to 1-hour class:

After you’ve finished “A bite-sized intro to coding” section you can proceed to the section called “How coding works”: 

This section has 9 videos that teach kids the basics of coding: (https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Q3lNOiuyMLaF6gQHJfTq_j1VnUbwcHNW?usp=sharing):

1. Introduction to Sequencing

2. Creating Sequences

3. Flexible Sequencing

4. Events

5. Loops

6. If statements

7. Debugging

8. Algorithms

9. Variables

2. You can use Hopscotch Written Lesson Plans, available on Dropbox or on Google Drive

3. You can start building your own projects from scratch, or continue to learn by either going through all the sections one by one or by selecting the videos you think fit your curriculum best.

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