Renaming objects

You can rename objects to help you find them more easily. Having names that are more meaningful will let you quickly work out what an object is used for. 

Renaming is also particularly helpful if you have a lot of Text objects, for example, which would otherwise just have a default name of 'Text' followed by a number. 

1. To rename an object, long-press on the object on the stage (press on it for a few seconds):

2. Tap "Rename" in the list of options that pops up:

3. Then type in the new name and tap the check button:

Now the new name will appear in that object's code, as well as in the Objects library:

If you would like to use the name of the object in your code, you can use the 'name' object variable:

In this example, since the object's name is "Cookie", the broadcasted message would be "Cookie collected".

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