“See code”

Hopscotch is a community where everyone can learn from and build upon each other’s ideas. This means that you can see behind the scenes of every single project in the community — isn’t that awesome?!

To see the code of a project on the Hopscotch app, you can tap the pencil button in the top right corner, as you would with your own projects:

If you're on the Hopscotch web explorer at https://explore.gethopscotch.com, you can tap this icon in the top left corner:

If you’re looking at someone else’s project, try figuring out how it works. How does a particular part of the project work? How do all the parts fit together? Are there parts you can learn to use in future projects? (If so, just remember to give credit to the person you used it from.) Try adding your own twist to it! We love seeing new ideas spring from other projects.

It’s very okay not to understand everything that goes on in the project. We are all always learning — that is the point of being able to see the code of other projects.

Pro tip: One of the best ways to learn is to change the code and see what happens. Can you change the colors, or the objects? Or even hack a game — change the score, change the difficulty? You don’t have to publish these — just play around.

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